SureWest in Overland Park, Kansas - Horrible business experience

My phones at my business periodically go out and can be down for hours. I have to continually check them to ensure they are working if I haven't heard them ring for awhile.

They always tell me its something else and not their service, yet every time they repair it, its always been a glitch on their end. This is a fricking business!! Trying to get through to someone on their help line takes a ridiculous amount of time, and most of the time I hang up and unplug the connection in our IT room and reboot it.

I should be sending them bill for my service work... Once my contract is up, I will not ever use this company again for business services.

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Bad quality
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Surewest Internet Review

I work from home often. When Surewest has a maintenance window, they don't broadcast it to their customers.

If Internet/Cable are down, I can't work via VPN.

The very least they could do is give their PAYING CUSTOMERS a heads up. I will be switching to Google Fiber or other similar service once available in my area.

Reason of review
Bad quality
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SureWest - Tv sux

Our tv is all fuzzy at times and at times it stops working

Our tv is all fuzzy at times and at times it stops working

Our tv is all fuzzy at times and at times it stops working

Our tv is all fuzzy at times and at times it stops working

Our tv is all fuzzy at times and at times it stops working

Our tv is all fuzzy at times and at times it stops working

Our tv is all fuzzy at times and at times it stops working

Our tv is all fuzzy at times and at times it stops working


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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #806300

Its not the TV its did not take your anti fuzzy pills today.....

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SureWest - Bad service

PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY: There should be a way to rate it a 0… THey don't deserve a 1 star or even half star. They have the WORST customer service: can't answer your question or fix your problem and say they will call you or have a supervisor call you, yet they never do (I recorded 6 times this happened in the CONTRACT I had with them, and I only started writing these down after it happened twice…). They skyrocket your rate when your contract is up. I was promised by the initial salesperson that I could call back in and get the new customer promotional discount if I signed another year…. Well, my contract ended. I was paying $91 per month with tax and my last two bills were $185; up almost $100. When I called in to get the new customer promotional discount, I realized after much talk that I was taken by the first sales person…. I was qualifying for the NEWER Existing customer discount as the discounts change from time to time so I qualified for whatever the current existing customer discounts were, which are new compared to the existing customer discounts 12 months ago… (which is why they could say NEW CUSTOMER discount, although it is a play on words). You will NOT get the discount brand new customers get. What an interesting way they twist words to get you to sign up in the first place.

Also, you are given a 30 day free grace period, but your contract starts the day it's installed, not after the 30 days. We had such issues in the first 30 days that they gave us 60 days "before locking into contract" so I thought the contract began after 60 days instead of beginning after 30 days. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! Now I owe them $367 and some change.

Also, I have some crazy work hours and funny thing is they are never open when theres an issue. By the time I get home (usually after 8 or 9pm) they are closed in KC (although discussing with *** on phone earlier, he insisted they are open till 10…. Not when I've tried calling!!!!!). But my internet constantly goes down late in the evening and DVR loves to disable itself and reboot (which takes 15 minutes to reboot up so you can finish watching the show that wasn't recorded so you miss it altogether!). I would call in to tech support and somehow they were rarely able to fix the problem (the problem is their service which just can't be fixed) and being told I'd receive a call the next day, I'd never get one… countless times….

Oh boy, I could go on about many more things, but right now I've got to figure out how I can maneuver things around financially so I can pay the extra $200 in fees from them. Looks like I'll be losing a few pounds as it will come out of my food budget cuz it's way too cold to turn off my heat………. ;) of course I'm being sarcastic but seriously, they have nothing good in my eyes, other than locking you into a contract and screwing you when your contract is up and DON'T care that you leave….. I don't know how they stay a company… oh yeah, I know, they've changed names several times!!! Everest to Surewest and now to CONSOLIDATED COMMUNICATIONS, and who knows how many other names before everest, i know there are some but can't remember…

Have fun at Consolidated Communication, cuz that's what you will have, consolidated (actually very few decent communications with them, aka CONSOLIDATED)

Good Luck!!!!

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SureWest in Overland Park, Kansas - Internet slows down at night.

Paying for 10mb service which it actually is during the day. Of course when I come home after work the speed is around 500k to 1mb, not nearly enough for Netflix or other streaming video.

Naturally it's the same song and dance that we're working on it. Well, it's been months. Hello Time Warner. They couldn't possibly be as bad.

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SureWest - Horrible Internet, Customer Care and Tech Support

I have had issues with my Internet since I got them over six months ago. It works for a week then it 'drops out' again while I am using it.

I have been left on hold, and spent hours and hours on the phone. They can't fix it and "blow me off, over and over again." Don't waste your money. They have been out to my house half a dozen times as well and again it works for a week then stops while I am in the middle of paying a bill.

I have a desk top, lap top and tablet-nothing more than 5 years old. Now I am forwarding to the FCC because I can not get the service I am paying for!

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SureWest in Olathe, Kansas - The worst service ever

From the second I ordered it the were problems but as a new local company I tried to be patient. My first bill was 48 dollars higher than they quoted me.

I called and they said sorry for the bad quite but you signed a one year contract. I have had my service down for two days at a time on a regular basis and they will not credit me.

I takes an hour on hold to reach someone then when you finally reach someone they are extremely rude and act like your bothering them when I just want my service to work. Surewest has been the worst company I have ever delt with when my contract has completed I will never go back I would go with out before I would ever use them

  • Surewest Kansas City
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SureWest - No replies to email.

Update by user Feb 21, 2013

Emails and calls have continued to go to SureWest with no replies. So it doesn't look like things has changed. Lucky for me I got a letter to switch to UVerse so I will be calling today to do that as my SureWest bill has gone back up again.

Original review posted by user Jan 20, 2013

I received a bill for 260$ and called to clarify what the deal was. The rep was highly irritated and rude so I asked to speak with supervisor and was on hold several times for extended period of time but never granted a supervisor.

I decided to give up and email. I have emailed them 6 times and get the standard we received your email and you will hear from us within 24 hours. I think it has been 24 days as nothing.

My cable box went out so I called them and say on hold for an hour for the rep to run me through a series of tests only to tell me that there is an issue with the device.

No ***, that's why I called.

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Surewest Lenexa, Kansas service and customer support SUCK

I had been a pleased customer with Everestkc/Surewest ever since the company started. We have always had good service, internet, TV with no problems.

However 10 days ago I upgraded to their 30mbps internet plan and that is where everything went to ***. First the online sales person did not tell me that the current modem we have could not support the additional speed. I called tech support (caller number 8). Waited for 35 min, tech support came on said we needed to get a new modem that would support the new speed.

Sent my wife to their customer support center picked up the new modem (made by Cisco) and went online. I was getting dropped signal every 15 minutes. I though it was the new Asus wifi router that I bought, took it back and got an Apple Airport Extreme wifi router. Again, signal was being dropped every 15 minutes.

Called Suerwest tech support, this time caller 18 and waited over 45 minutes. The said signal strength was good, etc, etc...and was told to bring back the modem. I did. Plugged in the new one and at best I can get 30 minutes before the router looses signal and reboots.

At times it reboots every 2-3 minutes. I even have it plugged into a UPC to eliminate any surges or variations in power. Called tech support this time using their direct line. Waited 5 min, tech support say its not the modem and they'll have to send a tech out to check their end at my house.

Even the though the older modem could not handle the new speed at least it didn't reboot every 5 minutes. The TV end is OK. Trying now to watch any net based program such as NetFlicks does not happen. Checking area complaints....this is NOT an isolated case.

Others have had the same issue, have had techs rewire their house and still the modem reboots due to loss of signal. In the time it has taken me to write this, the modem has rebooted 6 times. THIS IS BS!!!!!!!!

Ever since was bought out by Surewest the company has gone downhill. Give me back my old modem and my slower speed (20mbps) at least the modem didnt reboot all the time.



Shawnee, Kansas, United States #593362

Surewest has become a joke of a company. Clearly they have made customer satasfaction and support a very low priority.

I've had them 12 years. Everest was excellent, then came along Surewest, and now Consoladed Communications bought them. It just keeps going downhill.

Contacting tech support is a worthless venture. I will be stopping my service with them.


Apparently Surewest has made the decision or policy to scrape off profits and scrap the service. Even getting your email address changed is a headache, and there are many inconsistencies in their website for customers.

I've given up dealing with them. There are too many alternatives.

Everest was incredible, but since taken over by Surewest they continue to go downhill. They are not the worst, but I'm looking for alternatives.


I have to agree with the post. Their support is a joke.

There are obviously staffing issues, and those that are working do their best to simply get rid of you. I called into support 6 days ago.

I am having to call in to check status, only to find that no record was made. I have a feeling they will be bought out soon.


Rbrinkman57 - I'm very sorry to hear you've had so many headaches with our service recently. I'd like to help you get this figured out. Can you send me your contact information and account number ( and I'll have our service quality manager look into it and get back to you. Thank you for being a customer and I really hope we can get this fixed for you.

Anne C.


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SUREWEST Surely Lacks Common Sense

I am in my 5th year as a Surewest customer with both internet and cable. Each year the cost has increased and most recently they agreed to reduce the cost slightly if I would be with them for another 12 months.

That was in August. Now I am moving out of state where they have no service and I am being told that I must pay $400 in early termination fees. That is $200 for the internet and $200 for the cable. I would have continued to keep the service if it were available in the city I am moving to.

Apparently FIVE solid years plus future business means nothing to this company. They are adhering to the contract, yes, but come on... that is very poor business in my opinion and my once high opinion of Surewest is now very low. For a few bucks they will lose this client for a lifetime.

My move is only temporary (a year or so) and I will be returning... at that time I will have to contact Comcast, Frontier, or ANYONE ELSE!




No... I am mad because of the poor business practice. I wanted to move the service with me but they do not offer service in my new area. The title is SUREWEST LACKS COMMON SENSE. It is poor business to treat a long time customer this way. Yes, if I had service for 1 or 2 years, I would understand, but 5 years is considered longtime... that is nearly $10,000 in business over that period of time. I understand why they have ETF, but if they lose the human element of their customers, then they lose loyalty. That is the point I am trying make. The place where I purchase household supplies/tools/etc is a great example. I drive an extra mile or two to get there verses another warehouse store, but because of their return policies and customer service I continue to give them by business.

With Surewest, I guess my assessment that they lack business sense stems from my simple math. I have already proven that I am loyal, by not only staying with them for the entire time we lived in our home, but also requesting a service transfer to my new location. The $400 ETF does not compare to another $10,000 beginning next February or March.

Also, your point is nil... not EVERYONE can prove that they have moved like I can. If you truly relocate, it is simple to prove it.


You are mad at surewest for holding you to the terms of your contract because you SAY that you'll be back in a year? You have absolutely no right to be angru at Surewest...if they just waived all ETF'S because people said that they're moving then they'd go bankrupt.

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